The Main Page

This page is here to orient you to all of the information contained on this website.  If you want to learn more about the structure of this website as a whole, check out this page.  All of the topics that appear as hyperlinks in the related WorldWide Telescope Tour are listed below.  There are even a few bonus topics and links thrown in for good measure.  All of the topics are divided into three general categories to help guide you towards what you are most interested in learning about.  Just click on a topic to go to the page that discusses it.  Have fun exploring!

Astronomical Observing (Techniques, etc.)

These pages discuss different wavelengths of light, specific telescopes, and astronomical techniques.  Check these pages out if you are curious about where exactly the images in the tour came from.

Physics of the ISM

These pages discuss more advanced concepts mentioned briefly in the tour.  By reading these pages, you should come away with a more complete understanding of the complicated physics that produces the spectacular images you can see in the tour.

Specific Astronomical Objects

These pages discuss each of the regions shown in the tour in greater depth.  Refer to these pages if you want to learn a bit more about each of these regions, particularly the physical explanation of the images shown in the tour.


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