The Tour

So, how do you watch the tour that goes along with this website? Look no further!

The complete WorldWide Telescope file can be downloaded here:

Landmarks of the ISM

You can choose to download the complete tour with background music (larger file size) or a version of the tour without background music (smaller file size).  This tour is viewed best using the WorldWide Telescope Windows Client.  You can download and install the client here.  Unfortunately, there is no WorldWide Telescope client for Mac or Linux machines.  A suitable alternative is to load the tour into the WorldWide Telescope Web Client, which you can find here.  In order to play the tour in the web client follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the tour (above) and save it on your computer
  2. Open the WordWide Telescope Web Client and click on the ‘Explore’ tab
  3. Click ‘Open’ and then ‘Tour’ and select the downloaded file
  4. Learn about the ISM!

Depending on your web connection, some of the features of the tour might not load correctly.  However, the complete tour narration and most of the images included are available on this website, so you can still have the complete experience slow internet connection or not.

Another option is to view the tour directly in your web browser at this url:

A few caveats about this option… This html version of the tour attempts to render a WorldWide Telescope environment in your web browser.  As a result, some of the tour features might not load correctly.  Furthermore, the audio for the tour tends to load a bit more slowly than the images.  If the audio lags, try reloading the page and restarting the tour.  In addition, the hyperlinks do not work in this html version of the tour, so be sure to refer to this webpage whenever a piece of blue text pops up that you want to learn more about.

One more viewing option! You can watch the tour as a video on Youtube:

The image quality is slightly degraded in this version, but it is an easy way to share or link to this tour from other websites.

Finally, the complete transcript of the tour is also available for those who want to read along or are having difficulties with the sound rendering in any of the above methods for watching the tour:

Tour Narration

Thanks for your interest in watching this tour!


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